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Unbeatable price

We stopped in for lunch based on other Yelp recommendations and weren't disappointed in the least. Located in an easy-to-miss strip mall, the place is small and homey but offers fast friendly counter service. I'm making a note to stop there for breakfast sometime when we're in the area again.

— Deborah J.
Hollis, NH

Chicken tamales are the tastiest around

I’m certainly no health nut, but your gluten-free chicken tamales are not only the tastiest around, you can just tell they are cooked with extra care and are healthier than most options. Thanks for working with those of us that love good food, and have high hopes for bikini season!

— Aaron Ruchti
San Jac

"Hey, I know that place."

I love the beef tamales. I first found out about this place after a TV show, showed them making them right here in Houston. I said "Hey, I know that place. I need to give them a try". I have always wanted to try one of everything on the menu but always end up with my favorite "Beef Tamales". I always hear people talking about this place and tell them how much I love it.

— Anthony Craig Jones
Houston, TX

The sauces were amazing

I've never been here before but have driven past it a thousand times. I decided to try the shrimp tacos and the chorizo and eggs. The sauces were amazing and I ended up ordering four because they were sooooo good. I moved here from Southern California and I love fish and shrimp tacos. These come the closest to just like home that I have had. I also picked up the Cilantro Salsa to try at home.

— Todd Gregory
Houston, TX

Next time I need to double/triple the order!

Thank you. These were a big hit at my family reunion in California. Next time I need to double/triple the order :-))

— Susan V.
Houston, TX

Their tamales are soooo good

Their tamales are soooo good. I've seen this place on the Food Network before but never really knew where it was until I moved less than 5 minutes away. Their sauces are also really good. I want to try their breakfast tacos next.

— Vicki P.
Houston, TX

Everything was spectacular and delicious

Everything was spectacular and delicious, and everyone ate everything right up. Now that I know where the physical location is, I'll definitely be stopping in more often. Thank you!

— Fayza E.
Houston, TX

I will be buying these again!

I have not been to the actual store but I have had the Texas Tamale Company Chile Con Queso dip and the Beef Tamales, and they are by far THE BEST I've had in any restaurant... fresh and definitely better than anything frozen I've ever eaten. I got these at my local health food store and they were AWESOME! I will be buying these again! I was very happy to find out it is gluten-free as well!

— E.Z.
Cleveland, TN

A great Saturday morning

It was the, "Barbacoa on Fridays and Saturday sign, that lured me in. The sign delivered and my brother and I even ordered chorizo and egg tacos in addition to the promised barbacoa. A great Saturday morning!

Being that we were seated at the Tamale Company, we were curious to sample the tamales, which is good--because the tamales are minuscule! I"m great with this because I usually avoid tamales and all of their masa girth! 

I went with the spinach because I'm a big fan of spinach tamales. Texas Tamale Company is my new reigning champ in this genre. Their spinach tamale is ooey, gooey, cheesy and spinach perfection. At 89 cents a piece, you'd better go get you some! The entire menu is pretty nice on the wallet.  

— Sergio S.
Houston, TX

I love this place!

I love this place. As the name suggests, they sell Tamales, however I'll admit it... I've never had one. It looks complicated, I mean do you eat the wrapping? I'm not from Texas so if anyone wants to explain this to me, feel free.

I love this place because EVERYTHING is made fresh. Everything. The best thing on the menu is by far the breakfast tacos. They are extremely delicious. They also give you unlimited free coffee during breakfast time with purchase. Granted it's not Starbucks, but it is free, and it is coffee.

The service is ok. It's counter style so it's not hard to mess up there. They sell their Tamales online and they have a great selection of other items. The place is small, so I'd probably plan on ordering to-go. If you're hungry during breakfast, I strongly suggest swinging by.

— Emerson F.
Seattle, WA

We must check out this hole in the wall

This was found by word of mouth from my partners' co-workers. After reading the reviews I knew that we must check out this hole in the wall.

We arrived at noon and was expecting a large crowd. Ironically, they only have four tables (three inside and one outside). I would not recommend sitting outside, as the neighborhood is a bit questionable.

The staff was very friendly - sensing that it was our first visit. I knew that I had to have tamales, so I got the lunch special. It consisted of 4 tamales, rice and beans for $5.95. I got the pork, chicken, spinach and black bean tamales -- my favorite by far was the black bean, but they were all tasty. We had the mild and hot sauce. I prefer the hot, but my partner prefers mild - we were both satisfied. The food was so good that after we finished our lunch we wanted to sample a taco. So, we both got a fajita beef taco and it was FANTASTIC. We will certainly be back to visit. There are certainly not a lot of places that two people can eat a wonderful lunch for less than $15.

I was a little surprised that there was not more people eating in this wonderful little gem, but then it became clear that their main source of business is the 'to-go' frozen tamales they have for sale. In the course of our lunch, there was probably ten or so people coming in just for frozen tamales. Of course, we had to take home some for dinner later along with some of the incredible sauce (both mild and hot).

— Chad N.
Houston, TX