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With a name like Bull Snort, you know there’s a story behind the “About Us”. Maybe it’s the historical appeal or quite possibly it’s just a Texas thing, but any story starring old-timey cowboys as the main characters are always exciting and draws a crowd.

Many years ago, as the story goes, the trail-blazing cowboys were riding around in the cold winter days (and even colder winter nights) dreaming of hot fiery spices to add to each and every meal to keep them warm. Their days soon became consumed with conjuring up plans and schemes to find rides into Mexico because back in those days all the hottest peppers and spices lived in Mexico.

After hearing multiple variations of the same cowboy-seeking-spices storyline, we knew there was a market for hot peppers and sauces everywhere. Mexico was too far for these hard-working cowboys to have to travel just to seek heat. This is how Bull Snort was born.


Born out of 150 years of barn raisings, square dances and Sunday dinners, it's the spirit my family has celebrated with their friends and neighbors for four generations. It's a kind of respect for the land, dedication to hard work and the love of good food and good times. My great-grandfather's family settled in the Brazos Valley in 1848, just before Texas became a state. The land was wild, the people were tough, they worked to survive and build a life during times when water and food weren't taken for granted. Are you looking for Made in Texas products, foods of Texas or food gifts on line? Brazos Legends is Texas food that's as real as the folks who inspired its creation. Taste and enjoy it, and become your own Legend!