10/9/2023 to 1/5/2024

How You Can Help


If you would like to purchase books from our wish list to give to kids through Literacy in the Bag, click here.


How do we help?

Texas Tamale Company’s Literacy in the Bag campaign is meant to offer a way to get books into students’ hands and homes to broaden their horizons.

Our traditional campaign kicks off in the fall. We have groups who partner with us to drop bags off door-to-door for your donations. If you receive a bag from us, please consider helping those children brighten their future.

We also work closely with the Houston Public Library, Houston Parks and Recreation and other community partners to house collection bins inside their locations so you can walk in and drop off books.


How You Can Help:

I have the time:

Be a Neighborhood Champion! You can choose where you drop bags off door-to-door and your crew. Then pick up the donations, sort and return to help kids find their passion for reading.

You can also volunteer for our kickoff event or on our sorting day.


I have the resources:

Have books? Donate them to us to go back into the community. All books donated find a home, whether it be by re-homing them with a kid, or by resale.

If you have people in your organization who would be willing to donate, but do not have the time, place a collection bin in a high traffic area to gather donations.


I have students in need of books:

Contact Literacy in the Bag so we can partner with your school to help students learn to love to read!


I have money to donate:

We accept monetary donations, the money we receive goes directly back into the program through the purchase of new books. Those books will then be given to kids as part of our Literacy in the Bag campaign in March.


Our Sponsors!

Texas Tamale Co.


To learn how you can help with Literacy in the Bag, please contact