Our Annual Book Drive

Foster the love of reading.

Help kids find books they
want to read to spur their
love of reading for the rest
of their lives.

A word from our founder

“My grandfather was raised on a small farm in northern Canada, but during WWI joined the Royal Canadian Air Force and became a decorated war hero. He then became a teacher of aeronautics and was a passionate supporter of reading and learning. He was my childhood hero. His three children grew up to be a notable physicist, a world-renowned geologist, and a paleontologist. My mother was the paleontologist, who gave up her career to raise her children.

I remember my grandfather visiting local used bookstores in Santa Barbara to buy paperback books, so his grandchildren would read them while spending summers on his farm. He ran a small lemon and avocado grove at that time. That system worked! The grandkids grew up earning 6 master’s degrees and three doctoral degrees.”

-Read Boles
Owner, Texas Tamale Company

Quick Facts

  • Established in 2016
  • Benefitting Title 1 Schools
  • Over 51,000 books collected
  • Over 18,000 students reached
Get Involved

January - March

Donations are sorted into categories to be distributed to Houston Literacy Partners and/or sorted for the next “Read It Forward” book sale which allows Literacy in the Bag to purchase brand new books fo Title 1 Schools.

October - December

Collecting new and gently used books throughout Houston HPL Library Donation Bins Neighborhood Champion Block Walks Local Literacy Events

Visit LiteracyInTheBag.org for details on volunteer opportunities and sign up today!