10/9/2023 to 1/5/2024

Why We're Passionate


If you would like to purchase books from our wish list to give to kids through Literacy in the Bag, click here.


Our Mission:

Supported by our literacy partners, this book drive event will continue to foster and promote literacy in Houston’s children and adults.

About us:

By the time a child reaches the 4th grade, if they have not found a book they love, their chances of reading in the future decreases drastically. Each year, Literacy in the Bag redistributes donated children’s books to Houston and surrounding-area schools through our annual door-to-door book drive and community outreach. These books help stock school libraries, classrooms and create at-home libraries for students.

Every book has a home. Sometimes we also get adult books. Those are given to organizations to be resold and the money is invested into children’s reading programs.


A Message from Texas Tamale Company's Owner:

“My grandfather was raised on a small farm in northern Canada, but during WWI joined the Royal Canadian Air Force and became a decorated war hero. He then became a teacher of aeronautics and was a passionate supporter of reading and learning. He was my childhood hero. His three children grew up to be a notable physicist, a world-renowned geologist, and a paleontologist. My mother was the paleontologist, who gave up her career to raise her children.

I remember my grandfather visiting local used bookstores in Santa Barbara to buy paperback books, so his grandchildren would read them while spending summers on his farm. He ran a small lemon and avocado grove at that time. That system worked! The grandkids grew up earning 6 master’s degrees and three doctoral degrees.”

-Read Boles

Owner, Texas Tamale Company






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