Texas Tamale Company is dedicated to being community-focused, from philanthropies to little leagues, we’re always looking for ways to help you and the area we call home. 


Literacy in the Bag

Literacy in the Bag is our signature event. It started in 2015, alongside the Barbara Bush Literacy Foundation, in hopes of helping underserved communities and families gain access to books they could use at home. The event grew, as did we, and we are now partnering with the Houston Public Library, iWrite, Houston Parks and Recreation, Saint Arnold Brewing Company, Square Cow Movers, and the Houston Public Library Foundation to do the same!
Each year we go door-to-door to drop off bags you can fill with books from your home. We ask new or gently used books be placed in the bag and set back on your porch the following weekend. Those books are picked up, sorted, repackaged, and distributed to schools for students to take home and build their home library to continue their education away from school.
In the last six years, we’ve raised more than 40,000 books to help more than 30,000 students at various schools. Help us brighten a child’s future with a love of reading!

Texas Tamale Company loves literacy and we’ve extended our love for reading to the Sugar Land Space Cowboy’s Summer Reading Program. We hope spreading the love of reading through this program will grow young readers, eager to explore all avenues of life. 

Texas Tamale Company is proud to be a sponsor of the Texas Tamale Tailgate at the United States Military Academy at West Point. This relationship dates back 20 years to 2002.

We’re told a cadet made a call home saying he had bad news; he wasn’t failing classes, didn’t have frostbite (yet), didn’t need money, but was ailing from an acute lack of Tex-Mex.

“Dad,” he said. “We’re starving for tamales up here.”

His father did what any true Texan would do for his son stationed in upstate New York, he packed 80 dozen tamales in dry ice and headed to the airport. When he told an airline representative what he was shipping to his son and why, they immediately understood the seriousness of the situation.

“Just put ‘em in the plane,” he said. No charge.

The very first tamale shipment from Texas was delivered to cadets under a tent on Buffalo Soldier Field at West Point near the historic Thayer Hotel.

From that original mission of culinary mercy, the Texas Tamale Tailgate was born. Now commonly called T3, the transport of Tex-Mex and BBQ from Texas to West Point is an annual post-football game event hosted by Texas parents for Texas cadets and their fortunate friends. The event is housed in the ’49-er Lodge and draws a steady stream of cadets seeking a taste of home and serves anywhere from 600-800 cadets and guests.


In addition to literacy, Texas Tamale Company has a deep respect for those who serve our country. We ship to commissaries worldwide to give military members a taste of home while they are deployed. We are now partnering with Camp Hope to help feed veterans on campus as they undergo treatment for PTSD. Working with Camp Hope allows our company to honor those who give so much to our nation right here in Houston. We provide dinner on the first Tuesday of the month, dubbed “Tamale Tuesday,” and have provided meals for other events like the Super Bowl.   

Happy people at the Candlelight's Annual 5K Fun Walk and Golf Tournament after eating delicious Texas TamalesCandlelighters

For many years, Texas Tamale Company offered support to the Candlelighter's Annual 5K Fun Walk and Golf Tournament by feeding the volunteers and participants during the event. We have also taken part in the organizations Margarita Taste Off through food donations and by partnering with them to showcase our products at the event. Recently we won Best Traditional Margarita Recipe and Best New Restaurant Appetizer! Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Family Alliance provides emotional, educational, and practical support to families of children with cancer. 


 Art Car IPA 5K

What’s better than tamales and beer?
We’ve been a sponsor of the Art Car IPA 5K and other races through Saint Arnold Brewing Company for the past 8 years. All the training races leading up to the event are catered with tamales and runners get a drink as well. That sounds like a good weekend to us!

Delicious Texas Tamales at the Bayou City Class 5k and 10k

 Houston Parks Department

Texas Tamale Company supports the Bayou City Classic 5k & 10k fun run and for many years served tamales to all participants and supporters. All proceeds from race are donated to Houston Parks department. A non-profit event organized by the Houston Area Road Runners Association 100% of the proceeds are donated to the Houston Parks Department