Family Recipes and Flavorful Beginnings

In the heart of Houston, Texas the founders of Texas Tamale Company embarked on a flavorful odyssey. Little did they know that their pursuit of crafting the first gourmet tamale in the city would transform them into instant legends. Armed with homemade recipes for lard-free tamales, they set up a humble street cart, igniting the spark of a small business destined for greatness.

As the aroma of their delectable tamales flled the air, a legacy was born. That very cart, where the some of the first tamales found eager customer, stands as the inspiration behind our iconic pepper cart logo today. It symbolizes not just the origins of our journey, but the spirit of innovation and passion that continues to drive us forward.

Join us as we rewind the clock, celebrating the humble beginnings that paved the way for a bright,
tamale-flled future. This is where the magic began, and oh, what a delicious journey it has been!

Camped out selling tamales from an RV

Tamale Roots

In the heart of southwest Houston, along the bustling Highway 6, our journey took a step forward in 1988. Here, on the roadside, we proudly shared our treasured family tamales, setting the stage for the flavorful adventure that lay ahead.

From Cart to Retail

Fast forward to 1992, where the aroma of our tamales filled the air in front of Bering's Hardware in Houston. This moment marked a
milestone - Bering's became our very first retail outlet, a testament to the delicious taste and quality of our tamales.

Our First Kitchen

In 1993, our dream took a big leap forward with our first restaurant in Houston's vibrant Galleria
area. Picture the hustle and bustle as our tamales were crafted right there in the restaurant, each one made with passion and authenticity.

Houston Open and Kroger Partnership

1997 was a game-changer for us. At the Houston Open, we had the pleasure of sharing our
tamales with esteemed guests like Jim Nantz and Fred Couples. Little did we know, this event introduced us to a Kroger executive who saw the potential. This meeting led to our tamales making their way into Kroger stores, marking our first venture into grocery outlets.

Tamale Travels

In the 2000s, the spirited Shirley Bailey embarked on a remarkable journey. From Portland, Oregon to Indianapolis, Indiana, and all the way to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, she traveled, spreading the joy of Texas Tamales. One tamale at a time, she shared our authentic Tex-Mex flavors, connecting hearts and taste buds across the nation.

Tex-Mex Across America

As we stepped into the 2020s, our tamales embarked on a new adventure. Now found in
frozen sections across the country, Texas Tamales are bringing the genuine Tex-Mex taste to homes far and wide. What started in a humble kitchen is now a nationwide sensation, spreading the rich heritage and flavors of Texas.