Frequently Asked Questions

How did tamales begin?

Tamales are unlike any other meal in the food world. They symbolize so much more than what meets the eye; they symbolize family, community, and dedication to an art. Don’t be mistaken; perfecting tamale rolling takes skill and years of practice bundled with patience!

The tamale has humble beginnings in the ancient world of South and Central America. Historically, ancient empires used tamales as soldier rations and commoners as a dietary mainstay. As the west changed the people and language of the “New World,” the tamale stayed in the forefront of food and culture. If you grew up in Texas, you know tamales have become a central part of family gatherings and celebrations! The biggest tradition: unwrapping a tamale your abuela made on Christmas Eve with your family and friends.

What are tamales and how do I eat them?

Tamales are a Mexican, Tex-Mex, or Central American dish filled with seasoned meat, vegetables or even fruit, wrapped in masa and rolled in a corn husk.  To eat tamales, just unwrap the corn husk after steaming and enjoy!

Should I be worried about these spoiling before they get to me?

Our tamales are sealed in food grade plastic, packaged in a signature Texas Tamale Company cloth bag, and shipped frozen to ensure freshness.

What are your vegetarian options? Gluten free, kosher?

All flavors of our tamales are gluten-free. Our Spinach with Cheese tamale is vegetarian, and our Black Bean tamale is vegan. We do not currently offer any Kosher tamale options.

Can I ship care packages to different locations with the same order?

Unfortunately, we do not have the capabilities to ship to multiple addresses on the same order. You can always place multiple orders online or call us at 1- 800- T-Tamale to place multiple addresses under one order.

This flavor isn't what I expected and I have 2 dozen left... Is there a return policy?

All products are guaranteed as described. Texas Tamale Company will reship or provide a refund on any purchase that does not meet our company standard. Please contact Texas Tamale Company within two weeks of receipt to arrange for a reshipment or a refund. Call the Customer Service Department at 1-800-T-Tamale for more information.

What is the best way to prepare these tamales?

The best way to prepare Texas Tamales is in a steamer! Click here for a quick “how to” on preparing them properly.

Where can I find these near me, or can I buy the tamales only online?

Texas Tamales are sold in grocery stores across the country. To find Texas Tamales in a grocery store nearest to you,click here

I love tamales but I 'm not sure what to order. What are you best selling items?

Our biggest sellers are our Beef and Chicken tamales. But to be honest, they all taste great; you can't go wrong with what you select!

When I buy a gift card, can I use it at the Texas Tamale store front or a grocery store?

Unfortunately, the gift cards purchased on can only be used online.


If you can't find the answer to your question above, feel free to contact us for assistance call us at (800) T-TAMALE.

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